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Qualifications & Publications

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Publications & Presentations

  • Ferrier, L., A. Bailey, H. Berry, K. Sherman, A. Ryan. 2014. The Marine Vegetation Atlas: An interactive map for exploring eelgrass and kelp information in Washington State. Poster presentation at 2014 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. Seattle, Washington. May 2014.
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  • Bailey, A., J. Gaeckle, P. Dowty, and L. Ferrier. 2011. Python and Statistics and ArcMap — Oh My! Automating Statistical Analysis to Support Seagrass Monitoring. Oral presentation at Coastal GeoTools '11 Conference, March 2011.
  • Contributor to: MPA Monitoring Information Management System User Needs Assessment. MPA Monitoring Enterprise, California Ocean Science Trust, Oakland, California, USA. October 2010.
  • Bailey A., Z. Ferdaña. 2007. Where's my Habitat? Incorporating Fisheries Targets in an Ecoregional Planning Application. Oral presentation at Coastal GeoTools '07 Conference, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, March 2007.
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  • Contributor to: National Marine Fisheries Service. 2005. Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan, Essential Fish Habitat Designation and Minimization of Adverse Impacts: Environmental Impact Statement.
  • Parkes, G., R. Vilhelm, B. Burn, C. Grayer, A. Bailey, S. Copps, and W. Wakefield. 2003. Bayesian network models for analyses of essential fish habitat requirements. Poster presentation at Managing Our Nations Fisheries Conference I, Washington D.C., November 2003.
  • Berry, H., C. Schoch, M. Dethier, J. Harper, and A. Bailey. 2003. The abundance and distribution of nearshore habitats in Puget Sound: a comparison of habitat inventory techniques. Poster presentation at Estuarine Research Federation Conference, Seattle, Washington, 14–18 September, 2003.
  • Wyllie-Echeverria, S., A. Bailey, and B. Williams. 2003. Changes to the Shoreline of Fidalgo Bay and Eastern Guemes Channel Since 1891: The Value of a GIS Approach. Oral presentation at Puget Sound Research Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 31 March–3 April, 2003.
  • Bailey, A. and R. Comstock. 2000. Virtual transects: a novel technique for assessing the linear extent of floating kelp beds. Poster presented at the Sixth International Conference on Remote Sensing for Marine and Coastal Environments, Charleston, South Carolina, 1–3 May, 2000.
  • Field, R., V. Klemas, J. MacKenzie, A. Bailey, O. Weatherbee. 2000. Landscape scale analyses of coastal wetlands health and change using remote sensing techniques in a GIS framework. Chapter 3 In: Improving the Management of Coastal Ecosystems through Management Analyses and Remote Sensing/GIS Applications. Delaware Sea Grant, Newark, DE.
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  • Bailey, A.R. 1997. Detecting and monitoring Phragmites invasion of coastal wetlands: a comparison of remote sensing techniques. Master's Thesis, University of Delaware, College of Marine Studies, Newark, DE.
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