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"I am a huge fan of Allison's work. She delivers high quality projects with minimal muss and fuss, and her curiosity and creativity make her a real pleasure to work with."

Helen Berry, Nearshore Habitat Program, Washington Department of Natural Resources


"CTC's experience with your firm on the Coastal Sensitivity Atlas, Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca project, was outstanding. CTC sought out the services of Sound GIS, when the subject project demanded a higher level and different expertise than our internal staff could provide. You responded quickly with an excellent set of skills that meshed perfectly with our staff's capabilities and you efficiently supported our project. You understood our requirements and exhibited a great deal of patience as you led us through some unfamiliar territory. You executed within budget and without a missed deadline. Most notably you helped us identify more efficient approaches to work we already had underway.

Your contributions significantly streamlined our tasking and enabled CTC to complete our efforts within budget and on a very tight schedule. The quality products have garnered the appreciation of our clients, the US Navy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. You were a pleasure to work with and we would not hesitate to use or recommend your services in the future."

John Baker, Director, Western Region, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Why should we hire Sound GIS?

As the principal of the firm, I have a personal interest in assuring your project is successful. At Sound GIS, success goes beyond completing the specified scope of work within the deadlines and budgets. Success is:

  • Working together to understand your specific needs, challenges, and problems,
  • Developing efficient ways to complete routine tasks so there is more time to explore and understand your geographic information,
  • Harnessing the power of GIS tools to answer your questions without allowing the tools to limit or dictate the questions that can be asked.

What is Sound GIS's track record?

I founded Sound GIS in 2005 after 15 years of experience as a scientist and GIS expert in state government, federal government, and consulting. Many clients are colleagues and associates from previous places of employment. It is my goal to continue to earn my clients' trust by providing quality work that exceeds expectations.

What services does Sound GIS provide?

Sound GIS provides a full-range of standard GIS services, including spatial analysis, data management and development, cartography, and programming. But beyond my technical skills, I serve as a translator between your spatially-driven question and the technology of GIS. My focus includes:

  • Using GIS for analytical and scientific problem-solving,
  • Working with interdisciplinary teams (scientists, planners, policy-makers, constituents) to synthesize and expand our collective knowledge-base,
  • Providing expertise in marine, estuarine, and coastal realms.

Most importantly, I strive to help define or understand your geographic information needs and actively work to overcome any barriers, organizational or technical, in meeting these needs.

Can Sound GIS handle our large project?

Sound GIS has successfully supported multiple projects, including National Marine Fisheries Service's multi-year effort to define Essential Fish Habitat for 80 fish species within the 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone off the West Coast of the United States. If your project calls for additional skills or more capacity, I enlist partner firms to provide support. Finally, by using my experience and higher skill-level, I frequently suggest and implement creative solutions that increase the efficiency of the process and decrease the time required to complete a project.